We recognize that the management of safety, health and environment is an integral component of our manufacturing operations.

Consistent with this, the company aims to:-

  1. Establish programs to conserve resources, minimize waste, personal injury and prevent pollution thereby protecting the safety and health of people as well as the business interest.
  2. Provide and maintain a culture in which all forms of loss, whether they are human, material or financial are eliminated or kept at a minimum.
  3. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards that reflect the company’s commitment to safety and health.

The applicable laws include- :

  1. The Public Health Act (Chapter 15:09) of 1996.
  2. Food and Food Standards Act (Chapter 15:04).
  3. Labour Act (Chapter 28:01)
  4. NSSA Act of 1990
  5. Environment Management Act

To achieve these objectives the company and employees will:-

  • Ensure that all our employees and interested parties/stake holders are informed and trained on their responsibilities regarding this policy.
  • Ensure that all employees are responsible and accountable for their safety and health as well as the upkeep of company property and the environment.
  • Be empowered to stop unsafe work practices.
  • Ensure that all departmental heads take full responsibility for enforcing all safety standards in their areas of operation.
  • Be responsible for working towards the continuous improvement of company’s commitment towards safety and health.